Tuesday, 27 February 2018

online translate .resx, .json and .properties files

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If you are working on multilingual platform than you have some resource files to translate from google or any online translator line by line or copy paste which is very boring and tadious job to copy and paste translation.

There is website of translating multiple files to multiple language files online is http://www.multilingualnow.com/. Which give you translating .resx, .properties, and .json files. You just need to drag and drop all files to uploaded area and then selection of languages and click on Continue button thats it. Your converted files auto download start in zip format. Below I have an example of files source code.

1. .resx files

2. .json files

3. .properties files

Step 1: Drag and drop resource files.

Step 2: Select multichoise languages and click continue.

Your translated files in compress format in zip format will download automatically.